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Magnesium Chloride Solution

Magnesium chloride – the perfect solution for a wide range of problems

Magnesium chloride solution helps to

  • increase durability of industrial floors
  • increase ease of care of modern textiles
  • raise the effectiveness of cleaning agents
  • increase road safety
  • purify waste waters

Your advantages

Magnesium chloride has many advantages. It

  • is a natural product
  • has a very low freezing point
  • is antibacterial and odor-inhibiting
  • has a persisting thawing effect
  • has strong hygroscopic effects (draws humidity from the surrounding air)
  • is cost-effective
  • is delivered efficiently and safely

Trade name

  • Magnesium Chloride Solution, 33 % MgCl2

Recommendations of use

Due to its numerous outstanding properties – such as its low freezing point, its odor-inhibiting, antibacterial effects and hygroscopic qualities – our magnesium chloride solution is particularly suited for application in the following areas:

  • construction materials
  • fireproof products
  • sugar industry
  • laundry detergents and cleaning agents
  • cosmetic products
  • moistening of sponges, cleaning cloths and Vilene wipes
  • water treatment
  • textile industry
  • dust binding
  • winter road maintenance services

Premium quality, safe delivery

Due to its natural origin, our magnesium chloride solution is a high-performance product uniting convincing efficacy and environmental friendliness. It gets the job done – and it’ll get to your place, too: The internationally recognized logistics and storage capacities of K+S KALI GmbH will make sure that you receive your ordered quantities of magnesium chloride solution safely and efficiently – even if ordered at short notice.

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