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MAXXsolute® for Winter Road Maintenance Services

MAXXsolute® – the Perfect Solution for Road Safety

is successfully used as:

  • thawing solution for pre-wetted salt application
  • pure thawing solution for preventing black ice and packed snow on roads

The complete line of MAXXsolute® products

Your advantages

MAXXsolute® is your best answer to all winter road maintenance problems, as it

  • is effective, all the way to –20° C
  • has a persisting thawing effect
  • shows much better surface adhesion than other products, due to its hygroscopic effect
  • is ready to use immediately
  • is cost-effective
  • is delivered efficiently and safely

Trade name

  • MAXXsolute® for Winter Road Maintenance Services
    Magnesium-chloride brine, with 20 % thawing agent

Application Recommendations

Due to its freezing temperature of –20°C MAXXsolute® is perfectly suited for use as a thawing agent in winter road maintenance services. Additionally, it is increasingly and successfully used for pre-wetted salt application.

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