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MAXXsolute® for Dust Binding

MAXXsolute® – the Perfect Solution for Clean Working Conditions

is successfully used for:

  • open-cast mines (lignite, gravel, etc.)
  • road construction sites, gravel roads and forestry purposes
  • riding and sports arenas
  • autocross and motocross tracks

The complete line of MAXXsolute® products

Your advantages

MAXXsolute® is your perfect choice for all dust-binding requirements, as it

  • saves money and time, and is therefore extremely cost-effective
  • is enduringly effective, due to its hygroscopic behavior
  • efficiently stabilizes surfaces
  • is ready to use immediately
  • may be applied easily by standard equipment
  • may be used on a great variety of surfaces
  • helps to save water due to its greater efficacy
  • significantly improves workplace safety by reducing airborne dust
  • is delivered efficiently and safely

Trade name

  • MAXXsolute®
    Magnesium Chloride Solution with 21, 22 or 23 % MgCl2

Application Recommendations

As an aqueous solution, MAXXsolute® is highly hygroscopic. It directly absorbs environmental humidity, reliably and sustainably. Due to this property, MAXXsolute® is perfectly suited for binding coarse and fine dust, under nearly all climatic conditions.


And, depending of the surface to be treated, it may easily be mixed with water.

Distribution via CFK

Our Maxxsolute products for industrial applications are distributed within the K+S Group by Chemische Fabrik Kalk GmbH.

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