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The Solution for Winter Road Maintenance Services and Dust Binding

Winter or summer - MAXXsolute® offers safe solutions any time of the year! For a perfectly good reason: The ready-to-use solution has proven its value in practice – for pre-wetted salt and salt-brine de-icing or for dust binding in road construction, mining and sports events. Its reliable and enduring efficacy, excellent cost-benefit ratio and easy handling turn MAXXsolute® into an ideal product for an impressive range of applications and needs. Surely also for your requirements.


Product Range

We have developed our MAXXsolute® product line based on our decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of winter road maintenance and dust binding. Each product has therefore been carefully composed to meet specific needs. To your great advantage!


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MAXXsolute® for winter road maintenance services, a magnesium chloride solution (MgCl2) for pre-wetted salt application and for use as pure thawing solution, can be used down to -20 °C. more

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MAXXsolute® for dust binding is a solution containing 21, 22 or 23% magnesium chloride (MgCl2). more


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