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k-Drill® S7

Das Additiv

k-Drill® S7 is a potassium sulphate (K2SO4) of natural origin, dedicated for use as a chloride free shale inhibitor in water based drilling fluids where chloride salts are restricted. Thus k-Drill® S7 is increasingly being used in on-shore drilling operations, where disposal of chloride salts is regulated.


k-Drill® S7 has a maximum solubility in water of 10 % at 20 °C. It should not be blended with calcium containing drilling fluids in order to prevent Gypsum precipitation.

Your advantages

The benefits of using k-Drill® S7 include:

  • Helps to prevent clay swelling in the presence of water
  • Helps to minimise fines migration
  • High quality that is widely appreciated by the industry
  • Cl content < 0,5 %
  • Easy to handle due to coarse particle size
  • Soluble in water
  • Continuous, consistent pure quality supply
  • Efficient, safe and economic source of potassium ion
  • Best alternative where chloride salts are restricted for environmental reasons

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