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k-Drill® M

Das Additiv

k-Drill® M is a magnesium chloride solution (MgCl2) of natural origin. It is dedicated for use in completion and packer fluids especially in salt layers. k-Drill® M is used to prepare saturated brines for drilling through salt formations.

Your advantages

The benefits of using k-Drill® M include:

  • Highly concentrated solution ready for use
  • High density (over 1.3 g/cm3 ) – not easy to match by other neutral substances at similar costs
  • High viscosity (over 14 mPa.s at 20 degrees Celsius)
  • Efficient, safe and economic source of magnesium chloride
  • Compatible with other ionic salts
  • Less irritant than Calcium Chloride
  • Continuous, consistent pure quality supply

k-Drill® – German quality, reliable services

Quality, reliability and trust are what k-Drill® stands for. k-Drill® brands are designed to match your demands and logistic challenges. It combines an excellent product quality with our worldwide renowned services.

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