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Epsom Salt pure, technical, fine crystalline

Epsom Salt Technical – a Highly Versatile Product:

Our epsom salt is successfully used to

  • decrease the flammability of insulants
  • make cellulose fibers more stable
  • improve the efficiency of detergents and cleaning agents
  • make leather more supple
  • increase the durability of industrial floors

Your Advantages

Our epsom salt is extremely versatile and offers many advantages. It is

  • a natural product
  • low in secondary salts and heavy metals
  • fully water soluble
  • colour-neutral even under oxidising conditions
  • less corrosive than other salts, in particular chlorides (e.g. NaCl, CaCl2)
  • economical
  • consistent and readily available

Trade name

  • Epsom Salt pure, technical, fine crystalline
    Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate (MgSO4·7H2O)

Application Recommendations

Whether used as a flotation agent, coagulant, mineral nutriment or viscosity regulator – due to its outstanding properties our epsom salt is successfully used within many different applications:

  • flame retardants (with boron, low-boron, boron-free)
  • cellulose and paper
  • detergents and cleaning agents
  • cosmetic products
  • plastics (ABS, EPS, synthetic latex, whiskers)
  • synthetic fibers (rayon)
  • peroxo compounds (perborates and percarbonates)
  • biotechnological products (e.g. enzymes, yeasts, amino-acids, isoglucose)
  • other magnesium compounds such as magnesium silicate.

Premium Quality, Safe Delivery

With our epsom salt we offer a high-performance product with excellent properties and that is friendly to the environment due to its natural origin. This is well received – by the environment and by our customers. Thanks to our global logistics expertise and excellent storage capacity K+S KALI GmbH ensures safe and prompt supply – even for short-notice orders.



DIN EN ISO 9001ff. certificate Kassel (pdf)

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