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Nov 29, 2012

Prewetted salt technology: Winter road clearance services with MAXXsolute®

Salt is the de-icing agent of choice for hazardous urban streets, roads outside urban areas and motorways. In the past, salt was applied in dry form to roads affected by ice. However, it took some time before the salt combined with the ice to form a solution and the de-icing process could kick in. Moreover, the dry salt was soon blown away and it proved difficult to apply economical amounts homogeneously.

Safer, more environmentally-friendly, more economical: Prewetted salt spreading

With prewetted salt technology, things are different: Here the dry de-icing salt is moistened with a saline solution before it reaches the street, so that the de-icing effect starts sooner. Prewetted salt can be spread evenly, adheres better to the road surface, has a longer-lasting effect and is also suitable for preventive spreading. Thus it ensures better road safety, is kinder towards the environment due to its greater effectiveness and less salt being blown away and can be applied far more sparingly than dry salt.

Filling a spreading vehicle with brine (Photo 1). Disperser of the winter road maintenance vehicle, on which de-icing salt and brine are mixed before being spread (Photo 2). (Photograph: K+S KALI GmbH)

Applied spreading technologies and brines

Prewetted salt is applied in different ways: With the FS 30 spreading technology, the spreading vehicles have dry salt loaded in their hoppers and the saline solution in separate tanks: sodium chloride, magnesium chloride or calcium chloride brine. Immediately before the salt is spread, it is mixed with the brine on the vehicle's disperser in a weight ratio of 70 (salt) to 30 (brine). In the case of differentiated spreading of prewetted salt, the ratio of the mixture depends on the situation.

Overview of the advantages of MAXXsolute® for winter road clearance services

With MAXXsolute® K+S KALI GmbH produces a magnesium chloride brine which fulfils all requirements for use in the spreading of prewetted salt and is impressive with a large number of important benefits.


MAXXsolute® for winter road clearance services

  • Can be used economically down to about - 20°C.
  • Is a ready-to-use magnesium chloride brine with 20 per cent thawing substance.
  • It meets so called FGSV 379 TL Streu (German standard for delivery of de-icing material) and thresholds.
  • Adheres to the road for longer due to a strong hydroscopic effect.
  • It works immediately and has got a lasting effect with a high de-icing reserve.
  • Is supplied and replenished quicker and more securely due to a high storage and loading capacity.
  • Is inexpensive.

Notes on use and logistics

MAXXsolute® for winter road clearance services meets the quality requirements for solutions that can be used in winter road clearance services. These requirements are described in the Technical Delivery Conditions for spreadable substances in winter road clearance services (FGSV 379 TL-Streu). MAXXsolute® can be supplied in road tankers, tank cars, flexi tanks, 20’ containers or in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC).


More about MAXXsolute® for winter road clearance services can be found on the product page

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