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Oct 6, 2011

Enjoy horse riding even in the winter break with MAXXsoluteTM

Every rider knows how important the riding surface is for keeping the horse healthy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a “hobby horse” or a competition horse.


If you don't want to abandon training when the temperature plunges, prepare yourself now. Because if you wait until the riding paddock and hall floor are rock-hard and uneven, there will be no alternative solution. Then the rider can only choose between a long winter break out of the saddle or the risk of causing serious harm to his horse's locomotor system. Riding arena surfaces and paddocks that are frozen solid or iced-up place additional strain on the tendons and ligaments of horses' legs and may also cause serious injury to horse and rider due to slipping or even falls.

Even in winter you can enjoy carefree riding indoors with MAXXsoluteTM

MAXXsoluteTM – The solution for horse riding in winter

MAXXsoluteTM (magnesium chloride solution) offers optimal protection against frost and ice in riding arenas and on riding surfaces. Treatment of the top layer offers a high level of frost protection. With the addition of MAXXsoluteTM, the riding surface becomes resistant to ice and frost even at –20°C. The surface can be moistened safely and easily with MAXXsoluteTM by means of standard sprinkler systems or special irrigation systems. No freezing solid of pipes, even with permafrost.


To offer good frost protection at temperatures as low as –20°C, MAXXsoluteTM should already be applied to the riding surface before the frosts begin. Comparatively little work is involved when a sprinkler system is used.

MAXXsoluteTM – safe for horses' legs

MAXXsoluteTM is a natural product and is completely safe for sensitive horses’ legs. It is produced from carnallite, a mined crude salt (a double salt of potassium chloride and magnesium chloride).

MAXXsoluteTM – means frost protection even at –20°C

The frost protection results from dewatering. MAXXsoluteTM is highly hygroscopic and therefore has the property of binding moisture from the environment. It is precisely this ability that also makes MAXXsoluteTM attractive for riding surfaces. The water the soil contains is responsible for the freezing of the soil. This is bound by the addition of MAXXsoluteTM, so that frost protection is guaranteed at temperatures as low as –20°C. A further benefit is that thanks to its hygroscopic properties, MAXXsoluteTM remains in the soil for a relatively long time and can thus have a dust-binding effect if the sprinkler system is not used in frosty conditions for a while.

MAXXsoluteTM – Application recommendation

How much MAXXsoluteTM you use depends on the composition of the riding surface, e.g. in the case of a material with a high proportion of calcium, a larger volume of MAXXsoluteTM should be applied. Experienced users confirm: An average application quantity of 1l/m2 MAXXsoluteTM on the riding surface is sufficient to render no additional irrigation necessary and allows MAXXsoluteTM to achieve its full unrivalled effectiveness.


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