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K+S on the World Chlor-alkali Conference in Bangkok

Jun 7, 2016

The 20th World Chlor-alkali conference is taking place in bangkok on the 16th and 17th June, 2016. Our team will be there and is available for meetings. more

K+S on the EAGE Conference and Exhibition in Vienna

May 17, 2016

The 78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition is going to be celebrated this year in Vienna, Austria from May 30th until June 2nd, 2016. Our team will be there and is available for meetings. more

We like it! The Industrial Products Facebook profile is now online.

May 12, 2016

Get connected. Exchange ideas. Stay in touch. That's the motto we at K+S KALI's Industrial Products stand for with our new Facebook page. more

Product family k-Drill: Product samples now come in a handy “three-in-one” box!

Nov 11, 2014

As of autumn 2014, K+S KALI GmbH has been offering new samples of its k-Drill C6, k-Drill S7 and k-Drill C9 brands. These samples have been optimised regarding their appearance, weight, volume and handling ease – and therefore also for easier shipping. more

The new Flexitank – the convenient container system for transporting liquids

Jun 5, 2013

New markets and an increasing demand continuously create new logistic challenges. By introducing the new Flexitank containers we have created an economically attractive version of a proven transport system. more

MAXXsolute® Is Much Appreciated: Successful Winter Season 2012/13

May 3, 2013

This year the cold winter weather in Europe took a lot longer to subside than is usual. But due to our great production and storage capacities we were once again able to meet all customer requirements. Even great volumes of MAXXsolute® were delivered safely and on time. more

Prewetted salt technology: Winter road clearance services with MAXXsolute®

Nov 29, 2012

The highest level of road safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency is the goal in winter road clearance services. Across Europe prewetted salt technology has proved itself. MAXXsolute® offers many advantages here. more

MAXXsolute® – new IBC-packing system has been introduced successfully

Jul 12, 2012

Responding to our customers’ requests and to new market demands we have addressed the issue of finding a new, practical packing system for MAXXsolute®. We have therefore opted for IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) as our new system for transporting and storing liquids. more

Enjoy horse riding even in the winter break with MAXXsoluteTM

Oct 6, 2011

Every rider knows how important the riding surface is for keeping the horse healthy. If you don't want to abandon training when the temperature plunges, prepare yourself now – with MAXXsoluteTM. more

Field trial in lignite day mining shows: MAXXsoluteTM is the product for dust control and roadway stabilization

Aug 30, 2011

End of June 2011 MAXXsoluteTM has proven once again in a field trial in the Czech Republic to offer particular economic advantages in the lignite day mining dust control, as well as for roadway stabilization. more

Top Washing Powders Brands contain Magnesium Sulphate of K+S KALI GmbH

Aug 23, 2011

K+S KALI GmbH offers Epsom Salt pure, a Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate, as well as a Magnesium Sulphate Anhydrous for the production of washing powders and washing tablets. more

Liquid Detergents containing Epsom Salt pure of K+S KALI GmbH (Magnesium Sulphate) on sustainable growth

Aug 10, 2011

Epsom Salt pure of K+S KALI GmbH, technical grade is a natural product with exceedingly high purity. It dissolves quickly in water and with slight cooling effect. It is gentle on our skin, on our fibres, on our glass- and chinaware, as well as on our environment. more

MAXXsoluteTM – a solution for the most diverse applications: Dust binding

Aug 24, 2010

MAXXsoluteTM – The new product of K+S KALI GmbH removes dust particles in a particularly efficient and natural way from the air. more

New MAXXsoluteTM brochure available! Magnesium Chloride Solution for Dust Binding

Apr 15, 2010

With MAXXsoluteTM, K+S KALI GmbH provides an excellent solution for all dust-related problems. The new product brochure includes an overview of application areas, application methods as well as of the properties of this solution, which is of course available in several concentrations. more

The new industry brochure – premium raw materials for industrial applications

Jul 31, 2009

With its new industry brochure, K+S KALI GmbH provides an overview of the versatile application areas for its high-grade potassium and magnesium products. The range of raw materials produced and marketed by K+S KALI GmbH comprises bitter salts, potassium sulphates, potassium chlorides, as well as magnesium chlorides and sulphates. more

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