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KaliSel – An alternative for sodium chloride in food and for a more balanced nutrition

  • Potassium Chloride for the food industry
  • Natural origin
  • Particularly low content of secondary salts
  • Complies with international food regulations
  • Many functions in the food industry like sodium chloride
  • Close to sodium chloride
  • Can help supply the body´s potassium requirement

Recommendations of use

KaliSel contains premium potassium chloride and is already applied by a large segment of the foodstuff industry, for the production of a great variety of foods. Among other applications, it is used as an additive and processing aid, and as a food enhancer.


KaliSel is one of the simplest and most cost-effective alternatives to salt in food.



DIN EN ISO 9001ff. certificate Kassel (pdf)

Kosher certificate (pdf)

IFS certificate (pdf)

Halal certificate (pdf)

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