Certified Salts for the Food Industry

We supply high-purity food-grade potassium and magnesium salts for the production of foods and beverages. Of course these products are all certified in accordance with internationally recognised standards. Thanks to our natural raw materials in combination with our strict, independently audited production processes, we are able to offer superior salts, which meet the high requirements of the food industry:


KaliSel DIN EN ISO 9001 ff., IFS, kosher, halal
Potassium Sulphate 99.9 % K2SO4 Ph. Eur., FCC, E 515 DIN EN ISO 9001 ff., kosher, halal
Epsom salt chemically pure, FCC DIN EN ISO 9001 ff., kosher, halal

Epsom salt chemically pure, FCC

The international food industry successfully uses our high-purity salts in a widevariety of products. They are used in bread and bakery products, processed meats and poultry, convenience food, dairy products, baby and infant food, and in beverages. Within these products, they may serve a variety of purposes, such as preservation, stabilisation, as well as mineral fortification.



KaliSel – an alternative to sodium chloride in food and for a more balanced nutrition



FOOD & BEVERAGES – natural minerals for a balanced nutrition




Consistent Implementation of Highest Quality Standards

Like all of our high-purity salts, our food-grade salts are of natural origin.  They are manufactured and packed in Germany, using state-of-the-art processes and in accordance with the most stringent quality, hygiene and safety standards. Our products contain only minimal contents of secondary salts. To us, certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001ff. and extensive, continuous quality controls are a matter of course, as is the certification of our products as kosher and halal. Application of the HACCP-system in the production of our high-purity food-grade salts allows us to safeguard strict compliance with hygiene regulations, at any time.


Certificates of K+S KALI GmbH



All certificates are available for download, on our service page Certificates.


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