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soluSOP® 52 organic – the ideal source for potassium and sulphur



Foliar application with soluSOP® 52 organic

The concentration of foliar application of soluSOP® 52 organic varies between 0.5 – 5 %. In most of the crops, 2 – 5 application events of this product during the early vegetative to mid generative phase ARE recommended to satisfy the peak demand of the crops and ensure a uniform growth and fruiting.

soluSOP® 52 organic is compatible with most commonly used crop protection agents and fertilisers, but should not be used with calcium containing pesticides and fertilisers. Please refer to the compatibility information of the mixing partner before mixing with soluSOP® 52 organic. It is advisable to perform a small-scale tank mix to confirm the compatibility with soluSOP® 52 organic. After tank mix test, if no reaction occurs between the components (e.g. sedimentation, flocculation, color change or excess foaming), the mixture can be prepared for a pretest in small scale and then for large-scale application.

Fertigation with soluSOP® 52 organic

soluSOP® 52 organic can be used in single applications in the range of 15 – 25 kg ha-1 in conventional irrigation systems and basic fertigation setups with repetitive applications. The number of application events and time gaps between applications is based on the nutrient demand of the crop and availability of K and S in the soil solution.

soluSOP® 52 organic can also be used for complex open and closed fertigation systems with low but constant concentrations of 0.01 – 0.1 % using separate (two or more) mixing tanks, allowing a whole season intermittent fertiliser application. The changes in concentration during applications, similar to conventional systems, follow the demand of crops in their growth stage and the availability of the respective nutrients in the soil.

The demand of S during the growth cycle of most crops increases as the plants reach their maximum vegetative stage. Similarly, K demand rises until the mid-generative stage and remains on a plateau level until the end of generative stage. However, the specific nutrient demand may vary widely (see diagram of potassium uptake of selected crops) and must be adapted individually. The concentration of the final application solution is adjusted based on the concentration of the fertiliser stock solution, water flow rate as well as the supply rate.

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