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soluSOP® 52 organic – the ideal source for potassium and sulphur


Further information

Fertigation of soil grown crops

In fields and greenhouses with soil substrates, which are equipped with fertigation, almost 20 – 30 % of the total required K and S have to be applied directly to the soil to ensure a proper seedling establishment and initial growth. The rest of K and S must be applied according to the demand of crops. Below, there is an example of soluSOP® 52 organic application for soil grown crops which can fit tunnel and open field cultivations using a proper fertigation setup.

Growth stage

Growth stage

Growth stage

Generative phases

Generative phases


Days from planting

1 2-
17-31 32-41 42-
62-66 67-116 117-165 166-'190
soluSOP® 52 organic
in kg ha-1
5 10 15 25 35 50 50 30 20
Total soluSOP® 52 organic 240

Please note that the total potassium demand of some crops in form of K2O can reach levels even above 600 kg ha-1. To cover this demand, a combination of K sources should be used at cultivation, during growth and generative stages.

Potassium uptake of selected crops

The dosage of soluSOP® 52 organic depends on many factors such as fertigation system (open, closed), plant type and variety, growth stage and duration of growth, yield expectation and nutrient requirement, temperature and substrates used. The following diagram indicates daily amounts of potassium (mg K2O plant-1 day-1) to be added with drip fertigation during the respective relative time of growth (0 – 100 % in five steps). This amount includes 10 % of additional potassium for root consumption (adapted from Kafkafi and Tarchitzky, 2011).

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