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Use in Frost Application

  • The application of potassium as a fertiliser in the form of soluMOP® improves the winter hardiness of crops.
  • A positive side effect is that soluMOP® (60% K2O) lowers the freezing point of spray water and can therefore prevent spray nozzles from freezing when used during very cold periods.
  • A 5% concentration enables the freezing point of the spray solution to be lowered to -2 °Celsius.
  • The user should select the spray liquid concentration of soluMOP® on the basis of those factors that have an influence, including type of plant and temperature. If you would like some help, you can contact our “Applied Research and Agro Advice” team or the regional consultant for your region.
  • Recommendation: To provide support during phases when there is a high need for potassium, in the event of poor soil availability and to eliminate acute deficiencies, it is recommended that 10 – 20kg of soluMOP® ha-1 in a 5% concentration be applied on one or more occasions.

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