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60er Kali® dustfree



  • 60er Kali® dustfree is recommended as an ideal potassium fertiliser for crops with a high K requirement, such as most cereals, oil, sugar and fibre crops, which are tolerant to chloride or where, due to adequate rainfall, accumulation of chloride in the root zone does not occur.
  • 60er Kali® dustfree is ideally suited to replenish depleted soils, where long-term K omission has led to a decline in soil K availability.
  • 60er Kali® dustfree is also suitable for annual maintenance dressings to keep the soil K status at the adequate supply level.
  • The timing and frequency of 60er Kali® dustfree application depends on soil texture and water regime. The lighter the soil and the more humid the climate, the closer the application to the main demand period should be, and the more often the application should be split.


To determine the required amount of 60er Kali® dustfree the following factors have to be considered:

  • the potassium requirement of the crop or the crop rotation.
  • the potassium supply and dynamics in the soil (site conditions).
  • the quantity of nutrients applied through organic fertilisers.


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