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Jul 8, 2010

„Potassium Saves Water“

The effects of the climate change are multifaceted, and differ from region to region. For temperate zones, more pronounced droughts are expected for summers, accompanied by milder winters with more precipitation. The distribution of precipitation will therefore be less advantageous for crop farming.

Fertilisers containing potassium and magnesium increase utilisation of the available water

Potassium fertilisers positively influence the plants’ water balance, enabling it to make better use of the available water.  Under dry conditions, however, foliar fertilisation with magnesium is also increasingly important. Test series on the effect of foliar application of magnesium under dry conditions show that even in cases of sufficient magnesium in the soil, foliar application may serve to significantly raise yields. The objective of the tests on potassium and magnesium fertilisation under drought stress conditions, run by K+S KALI GmbH, is to clarify the mechanisms of action, as well as the development of recommendations for changing climate conditions.

K+S KALI GmbH offers solutions for agriculture in arid regions

Against the background of expanding dry zones (regions with negative hydrologic balance, e.g. the Mediterranean region) and the resulting increase of soil degradation (salinisation and erosion) there is a risk of extensive agricultural areas being eliminated from agricultural use. This will not only affect producers of fertilisers, who will lose market potential, but also for all people directly or indirectly living off this land. But K+S KALI GmbH, as a producer of sulphatic potassium and magnesium fertilisers, is also offered an opportunity to contribute to the solution of these problems (such as in the Mediterranean region). In addition to the positive effect of potassium fertilisers on the plants’ water balance, sulphatic potassium and magnesium fertilisers help to minimise further salinisation due to excessive fertiliser application.

Fertigation more and more important

Within the context of increasing scarcity of water, irrigation farming will gain increasing importance. Water utilisation efficiency of the irrigation systems will be improved, while fertilisation via irrigation, so-called fertigation, will become more and more important.  With its totally water-soluble potassium and magnesium sulphates (SOLUMOP, HORTISUL, SOLUSOP and EPSO-Products), K+S KALI GmbH is well prepared for future challenges. Extensive field trials were conducted to identify possible risks and problems, so that current tests can respond to water efficiency in a targeted way.

Water scarcity increases the trend towards water-saving irrigation systems and water-soluble fertilisers

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