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Apr 12, 2010

Working Group Foliar Fertilisation: Knowledge transfer between research and practice

K+S KALI GmbH is a member of the Working Group Foliar Fertilisation. All test results concerning foliar fertilisation with EPSO-products were presented at the annual conference in Dülmen.

“Foliar fertilisation with EPSO Top provides plants with water-soluble magnesium and sulphur”, says Martin Schuh, Fertiliser Marketing Europe. For winter wheat, top dressing in EC 32, with cultivars in their so-called shooting stage, seems to be particularly yield-raising. More research is still required concerning the influence of the application-date on quality markers such as protein or gluten contents. Martin Schuh: “The results of the field trials confirm the role of the nutrient magnesium as a stress reducer, which may for example be helpful to counteract weather-induced stress.”

Endives without (left) and with foliar fertilisation with EPSO Microtop (right) (Photograph: De Rooster, Proefstation St-Kathelijne Waver, Belgium)

Dr. Wim Pacolet, a member of the K+S Benelux Marketing Department, explains the quality-raising effects of top dressing with EPSO Microtop for vegetables and field crops. “To Belgian vegetable farmers, the vegetables’ content of vitamins and trace nutrients is becoming more and more significant. EPSO Microtop provides plants with the nutrients magnesium, sulphur, boron and manganese, which are essential for metabolic processes. They play an important role in the production of high-grade produce.” The untreated plants developed chlorosis at the older leaves (see picture left). After harvest chlorosis led to a lower price for the marketable crop.


The Working Group Foliar Fertilisation, which consists of scientists, consultants, farmers and representatives of the fertiliser industry, had met in October 2009 for its traditional annual conference. In Dülmen the members of the informal working group discussed recent research results, product developments, as well as experience gleaned from agricultural practice.

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