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Jul 29, 2009

SOPIB has a new website

The Sulphate of Potash Information Board (SOPIB) has relaunched its website www.sopib.com It is more attractive, informative and visitor-friendly.


The relaunched SOPIB web page.

SOPIB is a non-profit scientific organisation, established in 1998. It is an initiative of K+S KALI GmbH, Great Salt Lake Minerals Corporation, SQM and Tessenderlo Chemie, all of which are principal producers of sulphate of potash throughout the world. Its mission is to develop and promote the latest findings on the agronomic and economic advantages of Sulphate of Potash for a global agriculture.


SOPIB acts in co-oporation with research centres, universities and agronomists from official government services. It organise field experiments, training and the diffusion of information through workshops, as well as through publications, bulletins and articles.

The new website is designed as a platform where visitors will find specific, up-to-date information on the following topics:

  • Technical information about SOP: history, characteristics, SOP production and consumption
  • Scientific information, e.g. human health and potassium, potassium in plants, sulphur in soil, etc.
  • Guidelines and agronomic advice how to improve crop yield and quality by using SOP
  • Library with a well of results derived from the SOPIB field trial network
  • Brochures about SOP topics 
  • SOPIB newsletter comprising the latest news and trends
  • Information on mega-trends like global population, climate change and food quality.

Any questions, suggestions, requests? Please contact: info@kali-gmbh.com


Further information about SOPIB at www.sopib.com

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