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Sep 12, 2016

IPNI hosts international conference on potassium

From January 25-27, 2017, scientists from all over the world are invited to discuss in Rome on how to improve potassium plant nutrition and soil management to better the health of soils, plants, animals, and humans.

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework is integrated into the conference structure to keep the discussions anchored to the information needs of farmers and those who provide nutrient management guidance. 4R highlights that farmers should consider the right Source, the right rate, the right time and the right place while setting up their fertilisation strategy.

These are the main topics that will be discussed in Rome:

  • Potassium in Sustainable Intensification of Cropping Systems 
  • 4R Source: Improving decisions about the source of potassium to apply 
  • 4R Rate: Improving the accuracy of potassium rate recommendations 
  • 4R Time: Improving decisions about when to apply potassium 
  • 4R Place: Improving potassium placement decisions 
  • Connecting Frontier Science to Frontier Practice: How do we increase the impact of scientific findings on soil and crop management of potassium in the field? 

As a IPNI member company, K+S KALI GmbH is among the initiators for this conference as potassium is a crucial nutrient in modern crop systems and plays a key role in soil fertility. New research findings should be discussed among scientists so that the knowledge drawn from this discussion can be shared with farmers. K+S KALI intends to share its own research findings in the conference as well.  

The abstract submission deadline is October 1, 2016.

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