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Jun 15, 2016

Now available: The „Nutrient Converter“ is an additional tool in the KALI-TOOLBOX-App

With the Nutrient Converter the updated version of the K+S KALI GmbH App offers you a new useful tool for a balanced mineral fertilization. Our fertilizers contain the nutrients N, P, K, Mg, S, Ca and Na in different forms, for example in S or SO3. Our Nutrient Converter helps you to keep the overview and supports the translation.

The updated KALI TOOLBOX-App also offers a new graphic design. You are now able to clearly choose the single tools. We also made improvements in the performance. The App-Content, for example deficiency symptoms in cereals, potatoes, maize, oilseed rape, sun flowers and wine, is displayed much faster.

The updated Version is available for smartphone and tablet in German and English.

Now available for Smartphone and Tablet: the updated KALI-TOOLBOX-App of the K+S KALI GmbH.


The benefits are:

  • Nutrient Converter for the calculation of nutrients in fertilizer
  • Instant recognition of deficiency symptoms
  • Direct link to our regional advisors
  • Product overview of the K+S KALI GmbH
  • You can use it everywhere – even without internet reception
  • For smartphones and tablets
  • Free of charge


You can find the App in Google Play and Apple App Store searching for “KALI-TOOLBOX”


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