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Jul 21, 2015

Borgeby Fältdagar 2015 in Sweden – K+S KALI GmbH was there

With a presentation showing various crops with nutrient deficiencies, K+S KALI GmbH was a magnet for visitors once again. The plants illustrated how potassium, magnesium and sulfur deficiencies can be identified. Specialist agricultural consultants from K+S KALI GmbH provided information on how to provide a balanced supply of nutrients. In addition, the modern design of the stand with a product presentation on various fertilizers and their natural origins created quite an impression on the visitors. This led to many interesting conversations about crop deficiencies and the advantages of balanced fertilization.


The supra-regional trade fair, which attracts visitors from all over northern Europe, also saw a record number of visitors this year, with more than 21,500 people attending the two days on which the trade fair was held. With 350 Swedish and international exhibitors, the trade fair fair is a meeting place for all agriculture specialists who are interested in a combination of viewing field trials, practical presentations of machinery as well as in conversations with experts from industry companies.

Photo 1: Plants with nutrient deficiencies – a magnet drawing visitors to the K+S KALI GmbH information stand (photograph: K+S KALI GmbH)


Photo 2: The presentation of the products and the crude salts from which they are obtained resulted in many interesting conversations with visitors. (Photograph: K+S KALI GmbH)

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