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Feb 22, 2012

ESTA® Kieserit increases profit of rape in Ukraine

A field trial run for three years outside of Kiev in the Ukraine shows the effect of ESTA® Kieserit on the yield of spring sown oilseed rape. The soil in this region is naturally low in magnesium (Mg).


Fertilisation with 20kg, 50kg, 90kg and 120kg MgO ha-1 in form of ESTA® Kieserit was tested compared to NPK Fertilisation.


In the average of three years (2008 to 2010) the application of 120kg MgO ha-1 effected a yield increase of 30% compared to NPK only (140kg N ha-1, 70kg P2O5 ha-1 und 150kg K20 ha-1).


The oil content increased steadily with each additional Mg application, and the treatment with 120kg MgO ha-1 achieved an oil content of 43.6%. The untreated control produced 39.3% only. NPK fertilisation increased the oil content compared to the control, but could not reach the level of MgO application.

The soil analysis showed a pH of 2.16, P2O5 content of 175mg kg-1, K2O content of 126mg kg-1 and MgO content of 12mg kg-1.


An economic evaluation was carried out with each of the treatments. Costs for basic cultivation and for fertilisers as well as the average market price for rapeseed in each year of the trial were taken into account. Thus, the average marginal income can be calculated for each variant.

The results show that the best profit was achieved with a fertilisation of 50kg MgO ha-1. The profit for this treatment was 372€ ha-1. Compared to the control without treatment, the magnesium application raised the profit by almost 100€ ha-1.

Dr. Thomas Popp


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