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Jun 1, 2011

K+S UK & Eire Ltd: Nutrient wheel launched at Cereals 2011

K+S UK & Eire Ltd are delighted to be in attendance on stand I951 at Cereals 2011 at Boothby Graffoe, Lincoln. The event is being used to launch a newly developed field calculator which uses the new recommendations from the latest edition of RB209 and for the first time, includes recommendations for magnesium which is now known to be crucial for both crop yield and quality. The weatherproof wheel takes target yield, soil fertility and applied manures into account and gives an accurate recommendation for P, K and Mg based on the very latest official recommendations.

(Photo: K+S KALI GmbH)

Technical Manager – Jerry McHoul says “The wheel will be invaluable for farmers, agronomists and anyone involved with nutrient planning on-farm and is available FREE of charge by completing a voucher which will be appearing in the press prior to the event”.


Also available will be copies of the ‘pocket guide to nutrient deficiency’ and a team of international agronomists will be on-hand to advise on getting the very best from crops with improved crop nutrition. A nutrient deficiency clinic will be on display with real growing crops exhibiting major and micro nutrient deficiencies with professional advice available on how best to treat and prevent such problems.

Download Nutrient Wheel Voucher

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