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Dec 23, 2010

South Africa: Omnia Nutriology impressed with physical quality of K+S KALI products

Omnia Nutriology have for many decades, been a major manufacturer and distributor of fertiliser in the Sothern African market, and have been a long standing customer of K+S KALI for our MOP. As of recently Omnia have also purchased CAN from K+S Nitrogen when available.


Through our promotion of K+S Specialities into SA together with the Omnia development team, we have just landed the first consignment of EPSO Top to Omnia, both in the Cape and in Durban.

During a meeting with Mr. Pietman Wessels – GM of Omnia Western Cape (right on the photo) and Mr Geoffrey Bantom – Operations WC (left on photo), they presented a bag of EPSO Top received, and requested that special mention be made to K+S KALI that they are most impressed with the physical quality of the product and its packing as received.


Further discussions to expand the product range to Omnia are being held to include SoluSop, SoluMop and ESTA Kieserit on their product list.


Thanks to K+S KALI for their superb product quality and presentation, and their service levels in meeting the needs of the customers in SA.

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