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Feb 17, 2010

New agricultural advisor responsible for Southeast Asia

In July 2009 Dr. Jóska Gerendás joint K+S KALI GmbH to strengthen the Agricultural Advisory Department and has taken over the responsibility for Southeast Asia. This position was previously filled by Dr. Bernd Ditschar, who took over responsibility for the Iberian peninsular and the Americas.

Dr. Jóska Gerendás: new agricultural advisor responsible for Southeast Asia

Dr. Gerendás studied agricultural sciences at Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, Germany, and received his PhD from the same institution. Throughout his research career he focussed on various aspects of plant mineral nutrition:

  • significance of N form on growth and physiology of plants
  • intracellular pH regulation
  • pathways of ammonium assimilation
  • physiological aspects of ammonium toxicity
  • nickel deficiency and urea utilisation
  • N x S interactions
  • significance of sulphur nutrition for glucosinolate formation
  • suitability of phosphite for plant phosphorus nutrition


The quality of agricultural produce depends – to considerable extent – on the appropriate provision of nutrients. Dr. Gerendás has studied this significance in a number of cases, for which the impact of N and K supply on acrylamide formation in fried potato products, the influence of N and S supply on glucosinolate accumulation in Brassica vegetables and the consequences of mineral nutrient supply on green tea quality may serve as examples.


Several research projects involved interdisciplinary collaborations at international level, mainly with China (China Agricultural University, Beijing; National Tea Research Institute, Hangzhou; Zhejiang University, Hangzhou) and the United States (University of Missouri, Columbia).


Dr. Gerendás is an experienced lecturer at university level, received his ‘venia legendi’ for plant nutrition in 2000 and published more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals.


Dr. Gerendás coordinates the Southeast Asia programme of K + S KALI GmbH, provides agricultural advisory service related to the company’s fertiliser product range in the region, supporting regional representatives and local distributors.


Contact details:

Dr. Jóska Gerendás

E-mail: joska.gerendas@kali-gmbh.com

Phone: +49 – 561 / 9301-2337

Fax: +49 – 561 / 9301-1416

Mobile: +49 – 176 / 1234-9337

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