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Jul 31, 2009

Indonesia – International Conference & Exhibition Palm Oil 2009

K+S KALI GmbH draws a positive balance to the International Conference + Exhibition on oil palm in Jakarta, Indonesia. There, the company presented itself together with its Indonesian partner PT Meroke Tetap Jaya at the end of may 2009. The following KALI products were in the focus at the exhibition: ESTA Kieserite, Korn-Kali + B, Korn-Kali, MOP and Patentkali.

Sustainable platform on palm oil products

The international Conference on Palm Oil is the most important conference in Indonesia, organized by the Indonesian Palm Oil Research Institute. Its aims are to create a sustainable platform for the industry players to exchange information, ideas, and experiences among producers and consumer on Palm Oil products. On the one hand, the fair contains an exhibition to the topics technology, fertilization and culture. On the other hand, it consists of specialist lectures to current themes of the cultivation of oil palm, the development and trends regarding the global supply, demand etc. Altogether, the International Conference and Exhibition on palm oil counted about 500 participants and 500 visitors.

At the same time another conference took place: the Pertemuan Teknis Kelapa Sawit 2009 (PTKS 2009). Here, the latest knowledge about the cultivation technique or management was discussed. About 300 participants were registered at the PTKS 2009.

Exhibition success in Indonesia

“The K+S KALI GmbH can strike an absolutely positive exhibition balance”, confirmed Dr. Bernd Ditschar, Agricultural Advisory Department of K+S KALI GmbH. “We could welcome many visitors at our partner stand and exchange ideas and experiences with our products. Particularly the conference of the Pertemuan Teknis Kelapa Sawit 2009 was very positive. Through this, there were even further managers and agronomists at the exhibition we could introduce our K+S KALI quality products, too.”

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