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Dec 17, 2008

Malaysia and Indonesia: Korn-Kali+B – A four nutrient Fertiliser for the Oil Palm

Korn-Kali+B was introduced two years ago into the palm oil market in Malaysia and Indonesia. Since this time Korn-Kali+B has been established as a well-known fertiliser with good quality characteristics. Field trials with Korn-Kali+B show clearly the positive effects on yield increase due to the even application of its nutrients….


Korn-Kali+B is a combined fertiliser with potassium in the form of MOP, magnesium in the form of ESTA Kieserite and boron in the form of sodium borate. All nutrients are fully water-soluble and are therefore directly available to plants independent of the soil pH. Beside this Korn-Kali+B is a granulated product with excellent spreading characteristics and can be used by mechanized plantations systems: fertiliser application by fertiliser-spreader is possible.


The biggest advantage is the combination of four nutrients in one product. For the fertilization of oil palm this ensures an efficient uptake and utilization of potassium, magnesium, sulphur and boron. The reason is  a more even distribution of all nutrients in each application. Compared to a straight fertiliser program with two rounds with MOP, one round with ESTA Kieserite and one round with boron Korn-Kali+B is recommended to use three times a year.


The benefit for plants is that they get the important nutrients in three portions so that run-off and leaching is minimized. This leads to a better nutrient-use-efficiency and results in higher yields of fresh fruit bunches (FFB). How it works is demonstrated in two demo-field trials which were established at two oil palm plantations in Indonesia.


At each plantation two Korn-Kali+B blocks have been compared with two reference blocks. All blocks have same numbers of palm per hectare, same planting age and similar yield levels. Prior the trial implementation the average FFB yield ranked lower in the Korn-Kali+B treatments. After two years of the demo-trials the yield ranking had been reversed and significantly higher yields were archived in the Korn-Kali+B treatments.


For further information please contact: fertiliser@kali-gmbh.com

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