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Dec 17, 2008

Egypt: Essential nutrients for crop production under desert conditions

Horticultural production on farms in the „new land“ desert regions is a challenge for producers and suppliers. Fruit and vegetables with highest quality will be produced using appropriate irrigation and supply of fertilisers.

Besides the traditional crop growing areas of the Nile valley and delta, modern farm have been established in desert areas such as in the Wadi Natroun Valley or in El Weinett. Using ground water reserves these farms produce citrus fruits, mangos, table grapes, potatoes and other vegetables. The quality of the products is outstanding.

The nature of the “virgin” soils requires special attention to the mineral nutrition of the crops. The soil is often completely depleted from nutrients or the pH is too high due to excess carbonates. The imbalance of nutrients in the soil has to be corrected by an adequate of mineral fertilisers.

First results of experiments on the effect of Patentkali, a compound fertiliser with 30% K2O, 10 MgO and 17% S,  in grape vines growing on sandy or calcareous soils show significant effects of  this fertiliser on quantity and quality of different grape varieties such as Thompson Seedless. Fruit size and sugar content of the berries were improved as a result of Patentkali application.

The experiments will be carried on with different horticultural crops including citrus, potatoes and other vegetables.

Grapevine orchard in Egypt

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