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ESTA® Kieserit and EPSO products – the most effective means of preventing magnesium and sulphur deficiencies


Wherever you see the "Turbo-Magnesium" signet, you can be sure that you are dealing with a high quality magnesium-containing product from K+S KALI GmbH, the world's leading supplier of magnesium fertilisers.


With ESTA® Kieserit for soil application and the EPSO range of foliar fertilisers, a supply of the key crop nutrients magnesium and sulphur can be guaranteed. These two essential elements play a key role in obtaining maximum yields and optimum quality. It is essential to supply sufficient quantities of crop-available sulphur and magnesium. The nutrients in ESTA® Kieserit and EPSO Top® are 100% water-soluble, and are therefore rapidly absorbed by plants - the "Turbo" effect.


For many years, K+S KALI GmbH's agronomic service has been conducting field experiments both in the UK and Ireland and further afield that have clearly demonstrated improved yields and crop quality as a result of using ESTA® Kieserit and EPSO Top®.


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Magnesium – Important for Every Stage of Plant Growth


Magnesium and Sulphur for Foliar Application

Prevent and alleviate magnesium and sulphur deficiencyEPSO Top® gets to work at once. It rapidly and completely dissolves in water and is highly suitable either for spraying with the crop protection program or for fertigation systems. more

Guaranteed supply of nutrients

Guaranteed supply of nutrientsESTA® Kieserit contains magnesium and sulphur in fully water-soluble form, so it is immediately available to plants. more

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