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Chart of the Month: For optimum frost protection – potassium and magnesium increase winter hardiness

Sep 17, 2013

Severe frosts may present considerable risks to crops. But there are highly effective protective measures against winterkill, winter desiccation and frost heaves. more

Chart of the Month: Asia Dominates Worldwide Container Traffic

Aug 14, 2013

Approximately two thirds of the container transport segment’s total turnover were generated on Asian-European, Transpacific and intra-Asian shipping routes. K+S KALI GmbH also ships most of its container transports to the world’s largest continent. more

At an International Conference in Kenya K+S KALI GmbH Shares Its Knowledge on Balanced Potato Nutrition

Jul 24, 2013

Potassium and magnesium raise yield and quality of potatoes, thereby improving the food security in Africa. By providing information on the proper, balanced nutrition of this crop at the conference of the African Potato Association (APA) K+S KALI GmbH makes an important contribution to food and nutrition security. more

Potash Works Neuhof-Ellers: 35 Years Bergmannskapelle Neuhof

Jul 23, 2013

Its repertoire ranges from traditional brass tunes to special arrangements of catchy pop hits – we’re talking about the Bergmannskapelle Neuhof, this year celebrating its 35th birthday. Interestingly, the instrumentation is still the same as it was at its foundation. In order to celebrate its birthday the music ensemble organized a Miners’ Day on 6 July 2013, in Neuhof. more

K+S Potash Canada and Canadian Pacific Sign Deal on Rail Logistics

Jul 11, 2013

Saskatoon SK - K+S Potash Canada, a fully owned subsidiary of K+S Aktiengesellschaft, and Canadian Pacific signed an exclusive long-term volume-based contract on the transportation of potash products from K+S’ Legacy Site. more

Chart of the Month: Rich in Resources but Poorly Managed?

Jul 9, 2013

Germany is a country rich in natural resources. Increasingly, however, resource extraction has to compete with other land use interests. As a consequence, planning removes many valuable deposits from future extraction. more

K+S KALI GmbH – Change of personnel

Jul 8, 2013

In connection with change of personnel, Jean-Louis David will take over the newly created position of Chief Operative Officer (COO) at K+S North America Salt Holdings LLC in Chicago from 1 August 2013. more

Potash Works Zielitz: An important partner to the region celebrates its production anniversary

Jul 8, 2013

Themed `40 Years of Potash from Zielitz´ the anniversary celebrations on 22 June included an invitation to all of the region’s inhabitants. The Open House program included lots of entertainment and was topped by an appearance by cult band `Puhdys´. Visitors included both inhabitants from surrounding villages and employees with their families. more

Hessentag 2013: K+S Information Booth Met with Great Interest

Jul 3, 2013

The Hessentag 2013 in Kassel was a major success. More than 1.8 million visitors opted to joint the crowds in Kassel – the largest number of visitors ever! And thousands of these visitors dropped by at the K+S information stand. more

K+S KALI GmbH at the Hessentag 2013 – Raw Materials and Fertilisers in Focus

Jun 28, 2013

This year, the 53rd Hessentag will take place in Kassel (Germany), from June14 – 23. Approximately 1.3 million visitors are expected to attend the fair. The program is extremely varied. K+S KALI GmbH will be present with an information booth at the special exhibition “Der Natur auf der Spur” (on nature’s trail). more

Injection Permit: Court Dismisses Action Brought by Gerstungen Municipality

Jun 27, 2013

Gerstungen Municipality has failed in the civil action brought by it to stop the injection of saline wastewater at the Hesse K+S sites belonging to the Werra plant. In a judgement issued on 18 June 2013, the Kassel Administrative Court refused once again to issue an order stopping the practice. more

Germany – Potash Mine Zielitz: Join Hands to Help the Area’s Flood Victims

Jun 27, 2013

Since the beginning of June, the Zielitz potash works has actively contributed to relief efforts along the Elbe and Ohre rivers. In addition to sending the location’s fire department, volunteer employees and trainees the company also provided technical equipment. more

At the beginning of June 2013, experts from all over the world discussed “Agricultural Development and Food Security - The Potential of the Potato for Africa“

Jun 26, 2013

BMZ and GIZ hosted this expert forum in Berlin. The meeting’s focus was on the potato. In this context, CIP and K+S KALI GmbH introduced their joint development efforts for food security. more

Clever idea on how to protect the environment

Jun 12, 2013

Zvonko Dzinic and Wolfgang Döll from the Werra location of the K+S KALI GmbH received two awards for their clever idea on how to better protect the environment. For their suggestion on how to save 55,000 cubic meters of saline wastewater annually they were both honored with the “Smart Employee Idea of the Year”-award. more

Chart of the Month: Germany is Rich in Resources

Jun 10, 2013

Raw materials are the starting point of the entire value chain; they serve as the foundation of our modern industrial society. In Germany, we are fortunate to have raw material deposits of international significance. more

A Thriving Research Partnership

May 22, 2013

The Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition IAPN – a co-operation between the University of Göttingen and the K+S KALI GmbH – continues to grow and to thrive. This was the unanimous opinion of both the representatives of the University and of the K+S KALI GmbH at their meeting in Göttingen, on 15 April 2013. more

Chart of the month: The ABC of deficiency symptoms – how to reliably recognize plant nutrition deficits

May 2, 2013

Every plant has an individual requirement for the supply of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium or sulphur. Our experts from K+S KALI GmbH are available to support agriculturists in the identification of deficiency symptoms. more

„Growth for Uganda“ – K+S KALI GmbH launches Aid Project in Africa

Apr 29, 2013

K+S KALI GmbH and the NGO Sasakawa Africa Association announced the launch of their joint “Growth for Uganda” African project. The goal is to develop agricultural consultancy services in the East African country. more

Chart of the month: We eat several thousand liters of water per day

Apr 4, 2013

An average Western European consumes approximately 130 liters per day: for bathing, cooking, drinking, and for a host of other daily needs. But indirect water use is so much higher than what is simply consumed. more

Injection permit for Werra potash plant confirmed: Gerstungen municipality-led applicants’ action fails before Administrative Court

Mar 28, 2013

The municipality of Gerstungen, the action group "For a Werratal worth living in" and the Association for Angling and Nature Conservation of Thuringia have finally failed before the Administrative Court of Hesse (VGH). more

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