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Spring Fertilization

Last year our farmer Leila applied the autumn fertilization with Korn-Kali® and created a foundation for a good harvest. The minerals helped to save a sufficient amount of nutrients and a high crop quality. Now it’s spring and the plants start growing again.

At this time of the year a good root growth is crucial for the plant. This prepares the crop for the upcoming growth phases and enables it to absorb enough nutrients and water from the soil.

Magnesium has a key role in the root growth. It plays an important part in the photosynthesis and in the transport of the generated carbohydrates. The lack of magnesium causes a deficient development of the roots.

To cover her plant’s need for magnesium, Leila applies ESTA Kieserit in spring. The magnesium and Sulphur fertilizer contains the nutrients in water soluble, immediate plant available form. The plants are able to use the nutrients immediately when the growth phase begins.


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