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Foliar fertilizer for the increase of cold hardiness

To prevent the winter grain, especially barley, from freezing they already need to be prepared for low temperatures in autumn. For this adjustment the optimal supply of nutrients is indispensable. Damage at the crop during winter is caused by:

  • bursting of the cells due to strong frost
  • water shortage in case of young plants rooting only in the frozen soil layer
  • disrupted roots due to defrosted soil

To survive winter times plants must store substances like potassium and sugar in the cells. This provides frost protection and water supply. Magnesium is essentially important because it is responsible for the optimal light use efficiency and therefore significantly involved in the synthesis of sugar and the transport of sugar in the plant. The transport of sugar in other parts of the plant supports the root growth of young plants. With a well-developed deep going root system the plants are able to absorb water from deeper soil layers even in the event of frost. This water also contains soluble potassium and other nutrients. The additional potassium helps to further reduce the freezing point of the cell liquid and like that improves the cold hardiness.


The last fertilizing measure before the winter rest is the spraying of EPSO Combitop® on the leaves of the winter barley. EPSO Combitop® contains the magnesium in form of magnesium sulphate which can be directly absorbed by the plants. The foliar fertilizer effectuates a quick absorption directly into the leaves and a short-term support of the metabolic processes. Furthermore the included nutrients manganese and zinc prevent deficiency symptoms caused by the weather at the beginning of the vegetation.


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