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Autumn Fertilization – create the foundation for a good harvest now!

In autumn Leila fertilizes the grain with Korn-Kali®. The BBCH-scale identifies the growth stages of a plant (0-9: Germination, 10-19: Leaf development, 20-29: formation of side shoots).



Right after the sowing agricultural crops need a sufficient amount of nutrients for the ideal plant development. Applying fertilizer in summer or autumn has a positive effect on the harvest in the following year. The nutrient supply at an early state is the foundation for high yields and a good quality of the harvest products.


Fertilizing cereals with potassium and magnesium in autumn caters for optimal growth, stable cells and a deep and widely spread root system. Like this the plants are well equipped for winter conditions and can continue their development in spring without problems.


Autumn fertilization with Korn-Kali® supplies the cereals with potassium, magnesium and sulphur in fully water-soluble, immediate plant available form.


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