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Economic Significance of the Agricultural Sector in Germany

The agricultural sector pays quite an important role in the German economy: In 2012, agriculture, forestry and fishery together provided goods and services with a net market value of 54.5 billion euros. As is shown by the chart, this is significantly above the production value of the German pharmaceutical industry, which netted 39 billion euros, or the paper industry with 39.6 billion euros.

But the agricultural sector is also a significant purchaser of goods and services

Farmers, foresters and fishers also require means of production, such as buildings, machines, feeds and fertilisers in order to manufacture and to market their goods. They are therefore important customers to the so-called wholesale input sector, of which K+S KALI GmbH is a part: in 2012, the German agricultural industry spent a total of 43.5 billion euros on production-related costs. With nearly 40% feeds accounted for largest proportion of these expenditures. Farmers spent 4.4 billion euros on crop protection and fertilisers. In 2012, German agriculture, forestry and fishery provided 668,000 jobs.


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