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Kieserite – the multi-purpose mineral

It is highly efficient, attractively priced and indispensable for spring application: The mineral Kieserite is used by plant cultivation professionals worldwide to ensure the optimal supply of magnesium and sulphur to plants. Our Kieserite products have a tradition going back decades and have a worldwide reputation as tried and tested fertilizers for cultivation in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

An energy booster for robust plants

Kieserite (MgSO4•• H2O), which occurs naturally, is a highly effective soluble form of magnesium sulphate: It is pH-neutral, and therefore does not cause soil acidification, and offers plants magnesium and sulphur in a form that can be immediately absorbed.


Kieserite is mined as a mineral from the potash deposits of K+S KALI GmbH. Above ground, the Kieserite is separated from the other minerals in an environmentally friendly way by means of electrostatic separation with the help of the ESTA process that we have developed (ESTA = electrostatic processing). It is then processed into a concentrated form of magnesium sulphate that serves as a basic or raw material for a wide range of applications.

Wide-ranging use in agriculture and industry

We process the bulk of the Kieserite that is extracted into fine or granulated soil fertilizers for agricultural applications, such as ESTA® Kieserit or fertilizer specialties such as Patentkali® or Korn-Kali®. For those segments and applications in agriculture and industry that have special requirements with respect to solubility, purity or concentration, we produce soluble magnesium sulphate using Kieserite.

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