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Magnesium Chloride Solution Offers Persistent Thaw Effect with Attractive Price-Performance-Ratio

Pre-wetted salt moistened with brines of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride. Each one of these salts features specific chemical properties needing to be taken into consideration for its use as a de-icing agent.


The chart of the month shows the de-icing performance of the three salt solutions at various temperatures and depending on the brine’s salt concentration. All three salt solutions show an increasingly stronger de-icing performance together with a rising salt concentration – until the so-called eutectic point (the tip of the curve) is reached. At this point, the salt solutions take on hydrate forms, causing the thawing effect to sink in spite of increasing salt content.

Optimal Scope of Action of Magnesium Chloride

For temperatures down to –9 °C pre-wetted salt application of sodium chloride brine is recommended. At frost degrees between –9°C and –20°C application of de-icing salt pre-wetted with magnesium chloride brine is an excellent choice. Calcium chloride will also show the desired effect, but is considerably more expensive. It is, however, highly recommended for situations with temperatures way below – 20°C.


Prewetted salt technology: Winter road clearance services with MAXXsolute®


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