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Magnesium Reduces Stress

The mineral magnesium plays an important role in livestock nutrition. Studies have shown a sufficient supply of magnesium to increase the stress tolerance of pigs and turkeys. This will reduce stress-related losses, such as cannibalism, transport mortality or impaired meat quality.

Stress Factors and Stress Reduction

Intensive livestock husbandry may cause considerable stress to pigs and turkeys. Stress induces animals to act aggressively, which will in turn create even more stress – indeed a vicious cycle.


Assuming that all legal requirements have been met, and efforts have been made to optimize the animals’ environment, magnesium may be used to reduce stressed, aggressive behavior of animals. The vicious cycle may be interrupted. Magnesium will slow down stimulus conduction in the nerves responsible for activating stress symptoms and for increasing muscle tonus.


KaSa Mag®-products of the K+S KALI GmbH will guarantee a sufficient supply of magnesium to your livestock. The magnesium sulphates contained in these products are derived from natural crude slats, and comply with all legal requirements on feed, in accordance with directive 96/25/EC.


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