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Spring fertilizing – Ensure quality and yield now

The needs-based application of fertiliser forms the basis for a successful harvest since each individual nutrient influences yield development. By achieving a timely supply of all key nutrients in the correct ratio, the quality of the crops is also secured, sugar beet becomes sweeter, maize accumulates more starch and the protein content of cereals is increased.


Field trials conducted over many years in sugar beet reveal that the application of 360 kg of potassium (K2O) ha-1 could significantly boost yields and sugar content.

Many nutrients are relevant

In spring, it therefore prudent to ensure that fields are prepared for the imminent onset of rapid growth with the commensurate application of fertiliser. It should be noted that many different nutrients are essential for yield and quality.


Potassium regulates the water content and strengthens the plant’s resistance to disease. Magnesium improves photosynthesis and the transporting of assimilates in the plant. Sulphur enhances nitrogen efficiency and is important for the creation of proteins.


Korn-Kali® combines these three nutrients in every granule, creating an ideal base fertiliser in spring for crops that require potassium, such as sugar beet, oilseed rape and maize. Korn-Kali® can be successfully applied in both autumn and spring but on light soil types, a spring application only is recommended so that valuable nutrients (particularly the sulphur) are taken up immediately before having chance to leach out of the sandy soil structure.

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