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Magnesium – Important for Every Stage of Plant Growth

It is a well-known fact that magnesium (Mg) plays an important role in the formation of chlorophyll and in photosynthesis. Recent research results, however, have shown that storage organs, such as roots, tubers and grains, are also significantly affected by a deficit.

Particularly during the early growth phases of our cultivated plants it may be difficult to identify magnesium deficiency simply by looking at a field. Even if to the naked eye everything looks like a healthy early development, an unpleasant surprise may be hidden in the soil, and may cause stunted development of the root system.

In our example, this is shown by bean shoots grown at a trial facility operated by the agricultural Sabanci University in Istanbul / Turkey, headed by Prof. Ismail Cakmak.

Particularly in case of detrimental soil conditions, such as compacted soil, sufficient supply of magnesium is extremely important for optimal root development. A lack of magnesium will result in a decrease of water absorption and diminished uptake of other nutrients

A balanced supply of magnesium serves as a foundation for healthy early plant development.


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