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Price trends for important agricultural products – record prices of 2008 nearly achieved

During the past few months, prices for important agricultural products such as maize, soybeans, wheat and palm oil have recovered from the price collapse two years ago. Future market rates have been stabilising at a high level on the international exchanges to such an extent that some of the agricultural products prices have nearly achieved the record levels of 2008.

An increase of product prices encourages an increase of worldwide production

Due to these price developments, the farmers are encouraged internationally to increase their sustainable production. Reasonable prices for agricultural commodities are an important incentive for the cultivation of agricultural crops. They are thus an important factor for the long-term adequate supply of food to the world population.

Potash fertilisers important for raising yields

In order to raise yields it is necessary to implement sustainable fertilisation strategies. For this, potash fertilisation is an important component. It is always an investment in soil fertility and thus guarantees a consistently high yield performance. Potassium takes on a number of tasks within the plant’s organism, such as metabolism, resilience, water utilisation etc.


With its potassium and magnesium-containing specialty fertilisers, K+S KALI GmbH offers a wide range of products which are indispensable for a targeted nutrient supply to plants and for sustaining the soil fertility.



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