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On this page we will either provide an insight into one of the fields of operation of K+S KALI or pick up on assorted relevant topics that will have an influence on the company’s activities.


K+S KALI is one of the world’s leading producers and providers of potassium and magnesium products. Its employees work in such varied fields as mining, processing and refining of the products, quality management, logistics, consulting and service, all the way to research and development.


We will present specific areas of activity, highlighting them with descriptive graphs and charts. But you will also find articles and facts on paramount issues such as raw materials, world food security or sustainability. In a globalised market, these topics influence all of our company’s fields of activity.



Spring Fertilization

March 2016

Part 3 of our series „Through the fertilization year with K+S“ shows the importance of spring fertilization.  more

Foliar fertilizer for the increase of cold hardiness

November 2015

Part 2 of our series „Through the fertilization year with K+S“ shows, what winter grains need before the winter rest.  more

Autumn Fertilization – create the foundation for a good harvest now!

September 2015

Do you know Leila? Our pretty farmer will accompany you in the next 12 months. She gives good advice on which fertilizer should be used at a certain time of year. We are starting with autumn fertilization.  more

Growth assistance from the soil

April 2015

For a good maize harvest, the plant needs a sufficient amount of phosphate. To provide this, fertiliser is placed underneath the seeds.  more

Soil protection by proper fertilisation: the “4R”

December 2014

December 5th is World Soil Day. Every year, this day is dedicated to promoting the protection of this vital natural resource. Proper fertilisation is an important contribution to soil protection.  more

Family farms play a major role for global food security

October 2014

More than 98% of the agricultural businesses on this planet are so-called family farms. In order to draw attention to the characteristic strengths and needs of these family businesses, the United Nations have proclaimed 2014 to be the `International Year of Family Farming´.  more

Why do leaves turn yellow in case of magnesium deficiency?

April 2014

Pronounced deficiency of magnesium will lead to pale discolourations of older leaves, so-called chloroses. This is due to magnesium's involvement in a number of the plant's internal processes and functions.  more

Potash deposits worldwide

March 2014

Worldwide potash deposits are estimated to amount to approximately 210 billion tons of K2O. The largest deposits are primarily found on the northern hemisphere.  more

Worldwide application of fertilisers

February 2014

Worldwide application of fertilisers is rising. The largest volumes of fertilisers are used in Asia, particularly in China and in India.  more

Economic Significance of the Agricultural Sector in Germany

January 2014

The agricultural sector plays an important role in the German economy, both as producer as well as as purchaser of goods and services.  more

“Farmer Learning Platforms” in the “Growth for Uganda” project

December 2013

Learning fertilisation, practising cultivation together and reaping success – that is how the training concept of the Farmer Learning Platform can be summed up.  more

The number of audits has more than doubled

November 2013

Increasing requirements have caused the number of audits conducted at K+S KALI GmbH to more than double during the past four years.  more

For optimum frost protection – potassium and magnesium increase winter hardiness

September 2013

Severe frosts may present considerable risks to crops. But there are highly effective protective measures against winterkill, winter desiccation and frost heaves.  more

Asia Dominates Worldwide Container Traffic

August 2013

Approximately two thirds of the container transport segment’s total turnover were generated on Asian-European, Transpacific and intra-Asian shipping routes. K+S KALI GmbH also ships most of its container transports to the world’s largest continent.  more

Rich in Resources but Poorly Managed?

July 2013

Germany is a country rich in natural resources. Increasingly, however, resource extraction has to compete with other land use interests. As a consequence, planning removes many valuable deposits from future extraction.  more

Germany is Rich in Resources

June 2013

Raw materials are the starting point of the entire value chain; they serve as the foundation of our modern industrial society. In Germany, we are fortunate to have raw material deposits of international significance.  more

The ABC of deficiency symptoms – how to reliably recognize plant nutrition deficits

May 2013

Every plant has an individual requirement for the supply of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium or sulphur. Our experts from K+S KALI GmbH are available to support agriculturists in the identification of deficiency symptoms.  more

We eat several thousand liters of water per day

April 2013

An average Western European consumes approximately 130 liters per day: for bathing, cooking, drinking, and for a host of other daily needs. But indirect water use is so much higher than what is simply consumed.  more

Kieserit – Natural and With a Broad Range of Applications

March 2013

We recommend Kieserite for spring application That is because it is a natural mineral that supplies plants with magnesium and sulphur that can be immediately absorbed. However, is it not just used in agriculture but also in industry.  more

Magnesium Chloride Solution Offers Persistent Thaw Effect with Attractive Price-Performance-Ratio

December 2012

At frost degrees between –9°C and –20°C application of de-icing salt pre-wetted with magnesium chloride brine is an excellent choice.  more

Magnesium Reduces Stress

November 2012

The mineral magnesium plays an important role in livestock nutrition. A sufficient supply of magnesium will help to reduce animal stress.  more

Potassium is Vital for Human Health

October 2012

Potassium is present in every cell of the human body, and is responsible for balancing our fluid balance.  more

Grain Supplies Increasingly Scarce

September 2012

Worldwide, the ratio of grain supplies and grain use has in the past decades narrowed considerably. This is signified by the “Stocks-to-Use”-ratio.  more

Solution Mining in Canada

August 2012

With Potash One, K+S has acquired several potash exploration licenses in the Canadian region of Saskatchewan. The extraction of the raw materials will begin in 2016, using the mining technology of solution mining.  more

The World is Losing Ground

July 2012

Worldwide, 4.9 billion hectares of land are suitable for agricultural use: as grassland, pastures and growing crops. Experts estimate that approximately 20 m hectares of this land is lost every year.  more

Container Logistics Meet Customer Requirements

June 2012

The worldwide increase of container transport is also reflected in the logistics of K+S KALI GmbH. More and more goods are shipped in containers.  more

Magnesium protects plants against sunburn

May 2012

Plants too can get sunburn from high levels of UV radiation. An adequate supply of the nutrient magnesium provides protection.  more

How foliar fertilisers work

April 2012

With foliar fertilisers, the nutrients are applied directly to the leaves of the crops. This type of fertiliser is particularly suited to quickly alleviating nutrient deficiencies that occur for a short time.  more

Customer-oriented Quality Management

March 2012

K+S KALI GmbH operates comprehensive quality management processes. Specific customer requirements are fulfilled with the existing systems and certificates.  more

Spring fertilizing – Ensure yield and quality now

January/February 2012

A needs-based supply of nutrients is the prerequisite for high yields and good quality crops. Now is the time to create an optimal basis for this with spring fertilizing.  more

Seven billion people and there will be more

November 2011

A growing global population and changing eating habits are increasingly presenting challenges for the agricultural and food sectors.  more

Global logistics competence – Environmentally friendly switching of transport to ship and rail

October 2011

In 2010, K+S KALI GmbH transported a volume of over 14 million tonnes. The company opted for rail and waterways, where possible. Theoretically, this brought about savings of about 290,000 lorry shipments.  more

Strong in global exports – The sales area of K+S KALI GmbH currently comprises 97 countries

September 2011

K+S KALI GmbH extracts its crude salts from mines in German. The speciality fertilisers produced from them are sold worldwide.  more

Underground potash and magnesium crude salt extraction – This is how we mine our potash and magnesium crude salts

August 2011

Potash and magnesium crude salts are mined at a depth of 400 to more than 1,400 metres, brought to the surface and processed there. But how exactly are potash and magnesium crude salts mined?  more

High-Performance Mineral Magnesium – It’s Relevance to the Human Body

July 2011

Magnesium is a vital mineral for the human body. It has a variety of functions, and is responsible for a number of metabolic processes.  more

K+S KALI GmbH – Logistics competence worldwide

May/June 2011

K+S KALI GmbH makes an effort to utilise all carriers to full capacity, making use of their specific advantages. Wherever possible movements are transferred from roads to more ecological rail and waterways.  more

Potassium for Optimal Water Supply and Water Use Efficiency of Plants

April 2011

The uptake of water by the plant’s root and the transport of the water to other parts of the plant are significantly determined by potassium.  more

Soil is a Natural Water Reservoir – Potassium Supports Retention

March 2011

Potassium does not only increase yields. This nutrient also influences soil stability, due to precipitated potassium salts, significantly increasing the soil’s water retention properties.  more

Magnesium – Important for Every Stage of Plant Growth

February 2011

It is a well-known fact that magnesium plays an important role in the formation of chlorophyll and in photosynthesis. Recent research results, however, have shown that storage organs, such as roots, tubers and grains, are also significantly affected by a deficit.  more

Formation of potash and magnesium deposits – bar theory

January 2011

Potash deposits were formed more than 230 million years ago through the evaporation of seawater during the Zechstein period.  more

Price trends for important agricultural products – record prices of 2008 nearly achieved

December 2010

During the past few months, international prices for agricultural products have recovered and have nearly achieved the record highs of 2008.  more

The fourth most important staple food, worldwide

November 2010

Potatoes are satisfying, nourishing and healthy. They are 100% edible – even their skins can be eaten. Around four fifths of a potato is water and the remainder contains many important nutrients.  more

The K+S KALI GmbH Agricultural Service Worldwide

October 2010

The highly competent and motivated K+S KALI GmbH team of experts consists of 40 regional consultants and internationally active agronomists.  more

Potassium and magnesium – for optimal yield and against black spot incidence

August/September 2010

On the trial site Lüsche (Süd-Oldenburg, Germany) the tuber yield could be increased by 17 percent due to a potassium sulphate fertilisation of 300 kg K2O and a simultaneous magnesium fertilisation.  more

Autumn fertilisation – for increasing N-efficiency

July 2010

The autumn period is a crucial time for providing winter crops with the potassium they require until the main growth phase in the Spring. Magnesium and sulphur are also important nutrient components.  more

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