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The site Zielitz in Saxony-Anhalt is the biggest single production location of the K+S KALI GmbH and brings down potash-bearing crude salt for the fabrication of fertilizers, products for industrial applications and products for the food and feed industry.

After the political changes in 1989 the site was denationalised and since the potash industry merger in 1993 – the union of the east and west german potash industry – it belongs to the K+S group.

With a crude salt mining of approximately 12 million tons per year the site Zielitz is nowadays one of the biggest and most modern potash mines in the world. This production output matches around 30 percent of the total output of the K+S KALI GmbH.  

With the raw material the site Zielitz produces approximately 2 million tons saleable end-products per year, which are potash fertiliser (60er Kali), potassium chloride 99% for industrial applications and products in food (KaliSel) and feed quality (KaSa K99®). These products are being delivered all over the world, which generates a large value added for the site Zielitz. 

Photographs of the Zielitz site


1993 Inclusion in the K+S Group
1973 Start of production
1964 The first sod is turned


DIN EN ISO 9001ff. certificate Zielitz (German only) (pdf)

GMP+ certificate Zielitz (pdf)

IFS certificate (pdf)

AQIS certificate Zielitz (pdf)

Halal certificate (pdf)

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