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The southernmost production in Germany operated by K+S KALI GmbH is the location “Neuhof-Ellers”, also called the “specialty-works”. This production site is characterised by its line of speciality fertilisers, with Korn-Kali® as the flagship product. Positioned in the centre of Europe it offers great advantages for serving the important European agricultural markets. Neuhof is also the site of the world’s first environmentally friendly ESTA-production plant, allowing for dry and therefore salt-water-free raw salt separation and Kieserite production.

Photographs of the Neuhof-Ellers site

A partner to the region

With approximately 720 employees, among them nearly 45 apprentices and trainees, the Neuhof-Ellers site is one of the most important regional employers. Potassium and magnesium production significantly contributes to the region’s economy. This facility regularly award contracts to regional sub-contactors and service providers, thereby creating an economic base for a large number of regional jobs. The site is also committed to supporting social institutions, associations and clubs.


2008 The 150millionth tonne is mined
2006 Centenary celebration of the Neuhof-Ellers potash works
1995 Mining of the 100-millionth tonne after recommissioning
1974 Commissioning of the worldwide first ESTA-plant, developed in Neuhof
1954 Resumption of production at the Neuhof-Ellers potash facility, with the largest industrial flotation of potash salts
1913 Start-up of production
1906 Sinking of the Neuhof shaft

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