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Werra-Hattorf – Philippsthal

The Hattorf site is one of four locations amalgamated in 1997 in order to form the Combination Works Werra. The size of the entire underground expanse of the sites Hattorf, Wintershall, Unterbreizbach and the Merkers Adventure Mine is comparable to the city of Munich. The Hattorf works is situated in the Hessian municipality of Philippsthal. The vocational training facility for the entire Werra Works is also located at the Hattorf facility, were it was opened back in 1928. Approximately 280 apprentices are trained and prepared for their multitude of activities within the company.

Photographs of the Philippsthal site

A partner to the region

With approximately 900 employees above ground, and more than 1250 underground, and among them nearly 150 apprentices and trainees, the Hattorf works is one of the most important regional employers. Potassium and magnesium production significantly contributes to the region’s economy. This facility regularly award contracts to regional sub-contactors and service providers, thereby creating an economic base for a large number of regional jobs. The site is also committed to supporting social institutions, associations and clubs.


2005 Cooperation between Unterbreizbach and Hattorf, improving capacity and better utilisation of the above-ground plants
1991 Hot Leach Flotation reduces waste water
1982 Commencement of electrostatic crude salt separation (ESTA)
1979 Construction and inauguration of an underground conveyor system connecting Hattorf and Wintershall
1936 Construction of a new wet extraction and sulphate plants
1908 The first crude salt is mined
1905 Beginning of shaft excavation at Hattorf


DIN EN ISO 9001ff. certificate Hattorf (German only) (pdf)

GMP certificate (pdf)

AQIS certificate Hattorf (pdf)

Halal certificate (pdf)

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