Supply Chain Portal

As a competent supply chain partner we are always keen on optimising the cooperation with our customers and our clients. This is why, in the age of IT- supported cooperation, we have opted to use customised and electronically assisted solutions. Doing so allows us to minimise process costs and reduce lead-times, and to offer an additional benefit to our customers.


The K+S Group has therefore decided to develop a unified internet-based portal solution, for all divisions and their respective partners. This supply chain portal is the foundation for numerous cross-process applications involving our service providers.

The supply chain portal offers:


Time slot management

  • Simple and speedy control of all loading points via time slots
  • Optimisation of lead-times
  • Reduction of dead times / waiting times
  • Improvement of supply service


External storage connection

  • Transport and shipping procedures
  • Real-time controlled stock



  • Electronic awarding of transport contracts/orders


Are you also interested in becoming a business partner of the K+S Group? If you are interested, please apply at the Supply Chain Portal.


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