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Dates & Events

These are the most important events of the K+S KALI GmbH. On the trade fairs and congress our clients can meet the K+S KALI team and get more information about our business and products.

Trade fairs & congress  
8-12 April, 2018 TechAgro
Brünn, Czech Republic
6-7 June, 2018 Les Culturales Sued
Toulouse, France
12-14 June, 2018 DLG Feldtage
Bernburg-Strenzfeld (Saale), Germany
27-28 June, 2018 Borgeby Feldtage
Borgeby, Sweden
12-13 September, 2018 Potato Europe
Bockerode, Germany
13-16 September, 2018 Mela
Güstrow, Germany
24-26 October, 2018 Fruit Attraction
Madrid, Spain
15-17 November, 2018 Interpoma
Bozen, Italy
21-24 November 2018 Austro Agrar
Tulln, Austria
16 October, 2018 Future Food - The Future Forum on World Nutrition
Berlin, Germany
23-25 October, 2018 IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference
13-14 November, 2018 IFA Strategic Forum
Beijing, China

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