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Dates & Events

These are the most important events of the K+S KALI GmbH. On the trade fairs and congress our clients can meet the K+S KALI team and get more information about our business and products.

Trade fairs & congress  
20.-29.01.2017 International Green Week Berlin
Berlin, Germany
07.-10.02.2017 Agrar Unternehmertage
Münster, Germany
14.-15.06.2017 Les Culturales
Reims, France
21.-22.06.2017 oeko feldtage
Frankenhausen, Germany
28.-29.06.2017 Borgeby Fältdagar
Borgeby, Sweden
13.-14.09.2017 Potato Europe
Emmeloord, The Netherlands
14.-17.09.2017 Mela
Güstrow, Germany
04.-06.10.2017 Sommet
Clermont-Ferrand, France
28.-30.11.2017 Sitevi
Montpellier, France
25.-27.01.2017 IPNI Conference "Frontiers of Potassium"
Rome, Italy
22.-24.05.2017 85th IFA Annual Conference
Marrakech, Morocco
24.-26.10.2017 2017 IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference
Shanghai, China
14.-15.11.2017 2017 IFA Strategic Forum
Zurich, Switzerland

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