• An Internationally
    Potash Producer

    K+S KALI GmbH is a German
    company with a long tradition
    in potash mining and one
    of the internationally leading
    potash producers.

    An Internationally
    Potash Producer

  • Our Commitment to Purity

    We use state-of-the-art
    refining plants to process the
    extracted crude salts into premium
    products for the benefit of humans,
    animals and plants.

    Our Commitment to Purity

  • Perfect Logistics

    By ship or by rail –
    we deliver all of our products
    on time and with care for the
    environment, to our customers
    all over the world.

    Perfect Logistics

  • KALI Compact

    Part 3 of our series
    „Through the fertilization year with K+S“
    shows the importance
    of spring fertilization.

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    KALI Compact

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